Writing songs in Veere

We spent a weekend in the small port town of Veere to write new songs. With just a contrabass and an acoustic guitar we drove Dennis’ old VW van (converted to camper) we hit the road Friday evening to arrive later that night. We stayed at the smallest camping in the Netherlands imaginable, at a lovely elderly couple who used to be farmers. The campsite was former farming fields, and we parked right at the edge of beautiful cornfields and a stone throw away from their old weathered house. The long Dutch flag on top of the house trembling in the stormy wind. There would be a lot of rain that night.



The North Color - at camping Veerse pot The elderly couple looked rather queer at a bunch of guys all sleeping in one VW van. They soon went their own business however and so did we. Friday night was spent in the lovely port town, enjoying a tasty beer in a local pub. Next to us were a few fishermen from Belgium locked in conversation. One of them had the deepest possible voice ever, likely from smoking a 100 cigarettes a day. It was a scene straight out of a movie. The rain picked up and it proved to be a rough sleep inside the tightly packed camper.

The North Color - cooking breakfast in the vanMorning came and after making an improvised breakfast on the cooker in the van we picked our guitars and headed out to the Veerse meer. Rain and wind picked up heavily so we were forced to stay inside the camper to write music. We jammed and came up with a few first song ideas, one of them labeled “Travel North” which later was the inspiration for our band name. The van was shaken heavily by the wind, but thew view outside onto the Veerse meer was fantastic. We went out briefly on the dune, but we had to hold onto our seats because they kept blowing into the water. It did give us a great picture though :)

braving the strong winds on the Veerse dyke

braving the strong winds on the Veerse dyke

The following day the weather improved a lot and we had sun for the rest of the weekend. At night we went out to the Veerse meer again, walking underneath the dike to the beach, using a tunnel that dates back from before the war. On the pier sticking out onto the water Rik came up with a really laid back tune, that evolved into “Little Brother”, a quirky song with a surprisingly loud ending. It was time to get some dinner and we headed into the port town. We ended up at a fantastic little restaurant next to the dock. The lady and her sister who owned the place were hilarious and we never laughed so hard.

The North Color - writing @Veere by nightWe stayed long into the night, enjoying a few beers and wine. Under the moonlight we noticed hundreds of little jelly fish appearing in the water beneath us, and Rik took a few pictures with his waterproof phone. It was quite magical.  We wrote another song, which turned into “Edge of The Night”, which you can hear a glimpse of in our teaser video.

On the last day we traveled around the country side, stopping in a forest clearing next to a dike to jam some more. Locals walking the dog in the forest looked properly surprised at a band with contrabas popping up. The wind picked up again so we ended up inside the van, where we wrote a couple more song ideas and recorded them straight into our Tascam mobile recorder. Eventually it was time to head back home and we hit the road back to Brabant. Along the way we made another pitstop to cook some lunch, we had champignon soup and some sandwiches out of the back of the Van.

The North Color - in the forest at VeereIt was a fantastic creative weekend and what a beautiful inspiring location to work in. Its such a difference being on the road, in unexpected places. They really influence the mood and sound of the songs, and we look back with great memories of the Veere weekend which resulted in some amazing songs!



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The North Color is an indie folk band from the Netherlands. Writing and recording while traveling places, painting in colors and impressions.

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