Preparing for live shows

The North Color - RehearsalsWe’ve started preparing for our upcoming live shows. Its great to see our songs come alive and take shape in “stage” form, which is always different from studio recordings. Also part of the process was finding the right musicians and we’re excited to let you know drummer Stef Maes and guitarist Sjoerd Jansen have joined the band. Sometimes things just seem like they’ve always been that way, and it was a very natural click getting these guys on board – and inspiring, with everyone bringing their own musical experience to the mix. 

Now we are playing together weekly to come to grips with the materials, which have been written and recorded while traveling. Luckily Dennis keeps detailed notes on chords, phrasings and arrangements in a binder of papers. When memory fails we grab Dennis’ notes and refresh our memories. Some of the songs are still taking their final shape, with working titles and the lyrics still heavily evolving. Its a fun “back and forth” process of the music sparking ideas for the lyrics, and a single sentence “just some photographs, where history repeats” becoming the driving concept behind the music.

The North Color

a first setlist taking shape on the chalkboard

“everyone brings their own musical experience to the mix”

While working on getting our act together, we also started brainstorming about our stage presentation and lighting. Something that reflects our music, our lyrics, and is practical to transport and setup. We have some experience from previous bands with this kind of thing, but its always fun to find a creative angle to these things and surprise the audience. So its going to be some workshopping and testing to build something exciting.

We are very much looking forward to meet you during one of our live shows. Its an exciting prospect to know that we’ll have a great time out there and meet fantastic people on the road….


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The North Color is an indie folk band from the Netherlands. Writing and recording while traveling places, painting in colors and impressions.

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